In the UK women were allowed to serve in the special forces

В Великобритании женщинам разрешили служить в спецназе

Previously women were denied access to the special forces .

In Britain women were first allowed to serve in the Special air service SAS army special forces.

Williamson said that women serving in the British army, for the first time can occupy any position in the army. “The armed forces first will be equipped with only according to ability, not gender,” said the Minister.

In November 2016, women in the British army were first allowed to serve in the armed forces directly involved in the fighting, the BBC reminds. Since then, over 35 women who have served or are training for service in the Royal armoured corps, tells British TV channel.

Now women can go to the service of the Royal marine corps, British infantry and special forces.

In the US army any limitations on the service of women was abolished c 2016.

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