In the United States at auction damaged self-portrait of Picasso

В США на аукционе повредили автопортрет Пикассо

The owner of the portrait in 2006, punctured elbow another artist canvas.

Auction house Christie’s withdrew from auction a self-portrait of Pablo Picasso “the Sailor”, which was written in 1943, because of the damage.

The nature of the damage fabric, which belongs to billionaire Steve Winne, the auction house, not named. Wynn had planned to auction three paintings with a total value of $ 135 million.

For “Sailor” billionaire expected to receive $ 70 million. It is reported that Wynn suffers from a disease that affects peripheral vision. In 2006, he accidentally stabbed another Picasso painting, “Sleep”, during a demonstration to friends. After the restoration, according to experts, the cost of the painting decreased from 139 to $ 85 million. However, in 2013, Wynn sold “the Dream” for $ 155 million.

In Christie’s announced that the contract for the sale of the painting “includes all insurance covering the damage and other unforeseen circumstances”.

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