In the United States filmed another novel by Stephen king

В США экранизируют еще один роман Стивена Кинга

The planned adaptation of the novel “Tomminokery”.

Producers James WAN and Roy Lee are going to film the novel by Stephen king “Tomminokery”. It is noted that van at the moment directing “Aquaman”, and Whether he worked on the films “It” and “call”. The work also will attend the Executive producer of the television adaptation of the same book 1993 Larry Sanitsky.

В США экранизируют еще один роман Стивена Кинга

“It’s an allegorical story about addiction and the nuclear threat, the dangers of mass hysteria, absurdity unmanaged technological development. All of these topics are relevant today in the same way as when the novel was written. In addition, he talks about the eternal power of love and the grace of redemption,” said Sanitsky.

The book was published in 1987. The action takes place in an American town, whose residents are exposed to hazardous gas from the excavated spaceship. People get superpowers, but become prone to violence. In August last year in rolling out the film “the Dark tower” series of novels by king.

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