In the United States for the camera shot “portal to the underworld”

В США на камеру сняли «портал в потусторонний мир»

The ghosts get in the way people live.

In the US, the couple Robert and Pauline, and their 33-year-old son Barry for 10 years, live in a house where paranormal things, reports the with reference to

They even suspect that their son’s bedroom is a portal to the underworld.

Strange things began to happen in the house six years ago, because of what friends have stopped coming by to visit them. This prompted Robert to install surveillance cameras. What he saw on the tapes, left him in shock.

The camera has got a number of unexplained phenomena, including moving mug or departing rubber gloves. Barry claims that he pursues the intruder black in color, which does not allow him to sleep.

I saw the shadow three times in the house, and every time she tried to hide from me. One day when I was coming down the stairs, I felt his presence behind me and turned sharply. It wasn’t my shadow, it was like a black mass, he says.

В США на камеру сняли «портал в потусторонний мир»

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