In the United States for the first time managed to make a unique operation

В США впервые удалось совершить уникальную операцию

The operation was done a long time ago but now its a positive result was confirmed.

In the United States for the first time in history a team of doctors performed a successful transplant of the male sexual organ. This operation took military who have been severely injured during combat operations in Afghanistan.

The operation lasted over 14 hours. It was not only the transplantation of the penis and scrotum, but of the stomach tissue – the degree of harm caused was great.

The patient’s name is unknown: because he wished to remain anonymous. However, the known his story: this American soldier, who was seriously wounded in the groin during service in Afghanistan. He had a transplant from a donor who bequeathed in case of death of their bodies. The surgery was at the end of March, but now the doctors decided to talk about it – as the fabric survives well.

Full restoration of the body may take some time. Nerves heal slowly, so this process can take months.

But, although the restoration of these functions and will take months, this complex operation is a real breakthrough in medicine. Indeed, in previous attempts to transplant of the penis sexual function was not restored. Now such operations, surgeons say can change the lives of many veterans who have received similar injuries.

Therefore, this operation will allow them not only to be a full physically and psychologically, but also completely restore a sense of male identity.

The first attempt at such an operation 12 years ago was made in China. But then she was unsuccessful. That’s why doctors are proud of their success, which became a new word in plastic surgery.

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