In the United States in a hot car died on the 50th child

В США в горячей машине умер 50-й ребенок

One-year-old girl from Florida who died in the car after it was left for a long time, became the 50th child in the United States this year, died for this reason.

According this year the number of victims who died in a locked car from heat exhaustion, approaching the national record last year, which is 54 children. According to the website, on average, 38 children die each year in “traps” hot cars.

Police in Tampa found the girl unconscious in the jeep her parents after they called 911 at 18:30. The child was pronounced dead at the hospital. Parents accidentally left her in the morning, and it stayed in a heated cabin all day.

These tragedies are prompting automakers to work on creating a reminder system checking the rear seats, which should become standard for all cars by 2025.