In the United States managed to photograph the Ghost of a soldier

В США удалось сфотографировать призрак солдата

The lens of a street camera caught an unusual male figure.

A resident of the U.S. city of Durham, Maine, TIA Wilson argues that her garden recently walked the real Ghost. This, they say, took place on 8 July at about 9 PM, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

According to the woman, not so long ago, she began to suspect that her plot rife Fox. To verify this, TIA and her husband installed a camera near his home, reacting to movement, and went with friends camping.

Return home, the couple watched the new camera shots and came in bewilderment when one of them was a mysterious whitish human figure.

If you believe Wilson, she just intuitively understood that we are talking about the silhouette of a soldier. After talking the next day with the neighbors, American learned that her house, built in the early nineteenth century, there lived a man named John.

He fought in world war II, and returned home, he proposed to his sweetheart to marry him. The first agreed, but at the last moment suddenly changed his mind and did not come to the wedding. Saddened John lived in this house until his death, on anyone is not married.

TIA sure, camera traps have recorded in the her garden that is the restless spirit of this lonely miserable person.

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