In the United States took video of a frog eating Firefly

В США сняли на видео лягушку, проглотившую светлячка

Amphibian glowed from the inside.

Residents of the city of Nashville, Tennessee, managed to capture a rather unusual phenomenon. The Americans say that a few nights ago in their home flew the Firefly and the household decided not to touch such a beautiful creature, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

However, cost our heroes to stop paying on the beetle’s attention, as there was a frog, happily swallowing the insect. Surprising, but then suddenly lit up she a Cougar.

Include the following video, you will be able to see inside of the frog on the wall periodically lights up a bright orange light. Did the Firefly was still alive? Experts report that it is not. Despite this bizarre surreal effect, the beetle was dead, but the chemical processes continued to operate.

When absorbed by the digestive system of a frog, a special substance in the body of the insect for some time created the bioluminescence.

Scientific explanation for at least a few, and cools the heat of the raging imagination of Americans, nevertheless, such a natural effect still count as a small miracle, especially because in the nature to watch and especially to take video even scientists, it seems, is not often…

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