In the United States want to ban Segways

В США хотят запретить электросамокаты

Police issued hundreds of warnings, and are now ready for tougher measures to cyclistsIn some regions of the U.S., especially the South, the authorities of cities ban scooters with electric. Help them in this common citizens, competing who are more sophisticated will destroy this transport, wrote the with reference to Avtodream

Last year, the popularity of Segways was so high that in California appeared several sharing services such as and Bird Lime. Rent a scooter worth only 1$, and for every minute we paid for 15 cents. Attractive was that the scooter could not return to the place, and to leave anywhere.

In Beverly hills the powers that be recently banned for a period of 6 months, for the operation of Segways. City Council almost unanimously supported this initiative. As reported in the LA Times, this form of transport has become a threat to public safety. Moreover, the drivers of the scooters rarely use helmets, they create an emergency situation on the road and interference with the pedestrians.

Police issued hundreds of warnings, and are now ready for tougher measures to cyclists, for example, to confiscate scooters.

Sharing services believe that such measures harm the city, its image and the development of urban mobility. The positive in this situation is that both sides are willing to dialogue to formulate a set of rules on the use of Segways in the city.

Among the “walkers” in the States is gaining popularity challenge as smarter and savagely destroy the scooter. After the video spread in the network. In the Instagram account, which collects all such videos and publish them yourself. Transport, drowning, dropping from a great height, burning, churning balls like skittles in a bowling alley.

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