In the US Ford is delivering the goods on the drone

В США Ford доставляет товары на беспилотнике

Ford signed a contract with the company Postmates, which delivers food and goods from restaurants, cafes and shops. The modified Transit Connect van with one passenger seat and two cargo boxes to deliver goods to Miami and Miami beach while in test mode to determine the optimum configuration of the boxes. When ordering on the website, users will be able to choose the option of delivery by drone, says the with reference to

When the car arrives at the appointed place, the dispatch system sends the customer’s phone an SMS message requesting the access code, and the box, which is the ordered product, the indicator lights up; then the box can be opened and pick up the goods.

During testing, Ford will collect data on the basis of which will be designed a new system specifically designed for commercial use; its release is scheduled for 2021, according to a press release from the company.

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