In the US have created a robot operated plants (video)

В США создали робота, которым управляют растения (видео)

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) have created a robot Elowan, which operates the plant. This writes the tech blog Gizmodo.

The essence of the process is that the body of the plant transmits electrical pulses to the device, choosing the direction of its movement. This is one of the first successful experiments on creating a symbiosis between the plant and the mechanism.

Elowan is a robotic two-wheeled platform on which is a pot with a plant. In the process of life cells produce electrical impulses and the mechanism picks them and makes the team.

The system decrypts the biological signals of the body using silver electrodes, implanted in the leaves, roots and stem of the plant.

The direction of movement depends on the strength of the pulse. During the tests the robot without the help of the operator reached the source of light needed for plant photosynthesis.

Future development will allow to create a robotic farm, where plants will be able to access the source necessary for the growth substances, light or moisture, representatives of the University.

As previously reported “FACTS” in the APU showed combat robot automatic device that replaces the human in combat situations to save his life or to work in conditions incompatible with human capabilities.

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