In the US, selling a city for the price of an apartment in new York

В США продают целый город по цене квартиры в Нью-Йорке

The price is $1.7 million

In the United States, in the state of Georgia put up for sale the small town of Toomsboro. To become master of the whole city, the buyer will have to pay $1.7 million. For the money, for example, you can buy an apartment in a prestigious district of new York, writes the with reference to Stranaya

Future buyer, Toomsboro will get possession not only houses, but also many civilian buildings: a restaurant, a hotel, a mill and even the famous Opera house.

In addition to a restaurant, Victorian Inn, the mill and the Opera house, the city has Banquet facilities, a barn for storing cotton, a Barber shop with the “antique chairs” vintage Bank building, the train depot in 1869 built an artificial pond, artesian spring, and “undeveloped bauxite deposits”. All that stuff and get to the purchaser of the city.

“The current owners hope that Toomsboro will be in good hands, reads on the city’s website. New owners need to understand the uniqueness of this place and the importance of preserving its historical appearance.” The sellers are hoping that the city can use, for example, as a tourist attraction and a sort of outdoor Museum, as a venue for music festivals or movie.

The city of Toomsboro was founded in the second half of the XIX century and was built around the train depot. Its total area is 4.9 sq. km. the city appears in the story “a Good man is hard to find” – the work of American writer Flannery O’connor (1925-1964), representatives of the genre southern Gothic.

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