In the US, the helicopter dropped ammunition to the school

В США вертолет сбросил боеприпасы на школу

A military helicopter dropped ammunition by mistake. In the US there was a new incident with the helicopter. As reported on Friday by the TV channel “Fox news”, a U.S. military helicopter mistakenly dropped the container with ammunition on the roof of an elementary school in El Paso (Texas). As a result of this incident, no one was hurt, the roof of the school caused minor damage, according to the with reference for Today.

The incident occurred in the afternoon on Thursday. The helicopter took off from the military base Fort bliss. The TV channel did not specify what led to the incident: a technical failure or pilot error. The command of the military base already apologized for the incident and promised to revise the route of delivery of military goods, that they possibly not ran over civilian objects.

All thrown from the helicopter munitions – their number and type is not specified – was collected by the local police and then handed over to their military colleagues.

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