In the US — the next shark attack on a swimmer (photo 18+)

В США — очередное нападение акулы на пловца (фото 18+)

In the US — the next shark attack on a swimmer (photo 18+)

Author: Alina Dykman

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Yesterday, August 9, in the County of Galveston (Texas) shark attacked a swimmer near Crystal Beach on Bolivar Island.

According to the victim, 42-year-old man, at first he felt a blow and then “she wanted to devour him.”

Arrived on the scene physicians gave the man first aid and took him to the hospital. The swimmer lost a lot of blood, but now to his life threatens nothing. It is possible to see how deep the shark grabbed the thigh of the victim.

Some vacationers say they saw “something” in the water, but did not attach any importance to this.

“I noticed a large shadow in the water, but somehow forgot about it until I heard about the incident”, – says the head of Brooke Perry.
Patrol and rescuers immediately began to warn bathers about sharks.

“I will not go into the water” – says one of the campers. But even some of shark attack does not stop. “When you walk into the ocean, you need to remember that become part of the food chain” – shrugs another tourist.

Biggest shark caught in recent years in Texas, was a 14-foot (4.2 meters) hammerhead shark. It was caught on the island of South Padre.

В США — очередное нападение акулы на пловца (фото 18+)Source: South Texas Fishing Association

Recall that in Massachusetts the shark was hunted for surfers.

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