In the US, the volcano monster green crystals

В США вулкан изверг зеленые кристаллы

During the eruption of magma washes away part of the oceanic crust.

For residents of Hawaii poured a translucent grains of the mineral olivine, which in its pure form is rarely found in nature.

The eruption of Kilauea volcano gave rise to many unusual phenomena — for example, the blue flames escaping from under the ground. Now the inhabitants of the island reported fall from the sky green crystals.

These crystals are olivine — magnesium-iron silicates. They are so common on the planet, which according to experts account for 50 percent of the upper mantle of the Earth. During the eruption of magma washes away part of the oceanic crust, similar in composition to the mantle, so dark igneous rocks often acquire a green tint. However, olivine, which jewelers are commonly called peridot, is hard to find. Even more rarely it falls from the sky.

Peridot usually comes to the surface along with oozing lava, and therefore remains trapped in the rocks. In this case, the lava erupted so dramatically and powerfully that the particles were cooled in the air, allowing the fast olivine to crystallize separately.

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