In the US there were new victims of the hurricane “Florence”

В США появились новые жертвы урагана "Флоренс"

“Nightingale” remains an extremely dangerous hurricane scale.

On the East coast of the United States, the rescuers found the bodies of 5-year affected by the impact of hurricane “Florence”.

It is reported that in Wilmington, the mother of the child died due to the fact that their house fell the tree.

Another man was found dead in Pender County woman died of a heart attack because the doctors just couldn’t get to littered with debris of the house. Two killed was a native of Lenoir County.

According to published information, this 78-year-old man died of electrocution while trying to plug in the extension cords, the other died when the hurricane went out to check on my dogs. Recall that the national center for U.S. monitoring hurricanes downgraded the rating of danger of hurricane from the fourth to the third level, stressing that the wind in the area of the hurricane slightly weakened.

However, meteorologists say that, despite the gradual weakening of the storm, which is expected in the coming days, according to forecasts of “Nightingale” remains an extremely dangerous hurricane scale.

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