In the US, told the story of a witch, was named after a Creek in Maryland

В США рассказали историю ведьмы, именем которой назван ручей в Мэриленде

Locals believe that a few centuries ago, there lived a mysterious witch.

The story is about a witch named moll Dyer (Dyer Moll) one of the horror stories in Maryland to tell on Halloween. It is not known whether there was 300 years ago this woman in reality, however, there is a road named after her and Creek, and a place South of Leonardtown where once supposedly stood her house. And her magical stone, reports the with reference on Paranormal news.

A large rounded stone that has what is called palm print and knees moll Dyer, in 1972 was placed on the lawn near the building of the city court of Leonardtown. And on a forest road Moll Dyer Road though I often see her Ghost.

В США рассказали историю ведьмы, именем которой назван ручей в Мэриленде

According to legend, about 300 years ago, moll Dyer lived in a forest hut between Leonardtown and Reggaeton. She lived a very poor and survive mainly due to the application of alms. The woman was ugly and completely fit the description of classical witches.

Winter in 1697, issued a very harsh and cold did not retreat. People whispered that it was the longest winter of all. The cold came in mid-November and have not left even at the end of February, while in other years these days have already begun to melt the snow and become warmer. Soon rumors spread that all this is the work of witchcraft, and the most successful candidate for the role of witch was moll Dyer.

The execution of witches in Maryland at that time was rare. In June 1654 from Maryland to England arrived ship and its crew in paints told me that they hanged a woman named Mary Lee for witchcraft in accordance with the verdict of the Council of Maryland. And October 9, 1685, Rebecca Fowler of Calvert County was hanged for practicing witchcraft. And she was the only person executed in the Maryland for witchcraft, according to the 1938 book “Crime and punishment in early Maryland”.

However, in the case of moll Dyer was all against her. Assembled a group of people who found proof of her crimes, including neighbors moll Dyer blamed her for the death of crops and death of their livestock. At the end of the cold February 1697, a mob of townspeople with torches came to the hut moll Dyer and set it on fire. The woman managed to escape and hide in the woods.

В США рассказали историю ведьмы, именем которой назван ручей в Мэриленде

Some days no one heard or saw moll Dyer and it was decided that she was cold and dead. But then the boy went into the forest to find a runaway goat, said she saw the witch kneeling on a large rock and pressed to the stone hand curse of all his tormentors by name.

After a few cold nights her and found frozen to death on this rock, she won’t go anywhere with it. She sat in prayer and according to legend, she put a curse on anyone who tried to kill her and all of their land.

Two hundred years about the curse of moll Dyer was not heard. And on September 12, 1901, the newspaper “The Beacon” has told about a young man who is deaf, dark night was driving on a forest road in Leonardtown on horseback. Suddenly he noticed next to another rider and wanted to catch up to him, but horror froze when he realized that the horse rider was without a head.

In addition, the horse was not back. The rider rode only on the Central part of the animal, and everything else vanished in space.

But in 1857 this forest road was named after moll Dyer, in 1854, 60 acres of land near Clay hill road to the North of Redgate was called the Hill of moll Dyer. Thus the witch “took” the land that once belonged to those who hurt her.

In 1968, Philip Love, editor of “The Evening Star” and his wife decided to find in the forest a stone moll Dyer and found rounded cobbles, which was the perfect prints. However this stone was found in 1911 when clearing the ravine in the town of clover Lot, and according to the records of “the prints of his knees were still clearly visible on him.”

В США рассказали историю ведьмы, именем которой назван ручей в Мэриленде

In 1970 someone was hunting in the forest near the road moll Dyer and said that they saw a strange misty formation of cylindrical shape, emitting light. It was moving against the wind to the East, crossed the Creek and moved South. And then came back and again repeated the same way. The witness is not assured that it was indeed the Ghost of moll Dyer, but was assured that they had seen something really weird.

14 Oct 1972, soldiers of the local National guard brought a heavy stone from the clover Lot to the old County jail, owned by the Historical society and placed on the lawn in front of the courthouse where he is today.

Local legend has it that the stone is cursed and that people who even just pass around him, can experience dizziness and even loss of consciousness. But according to local residents, the spirit of a witch is their “don’t care”.

В США рассказали историю ведьмы, именем которой назван ручей в Мэриленде

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