In the US, was born “24-year-old” girl embryo which was frozen in 1992

В США родилась "24-летняя" девочка, эмбрион которой был заморожен в 1992 году

American carried and gave birth to a child conceived using IVF in 1992.

This is likely due to the service of embryo adoption, offered by some clinics of reproductive health in the United States.

25 Nov 2017, this Tennessee born baby Emma Wren Gibson from the embryo, which at the time of fertilization was kept frozen for 24 years. This is the first known medical case, when the embryo of this “age” was successfully applied.

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Parents Emma Wren — 26-year-old Tina Gibson and 33-year-old Benjamin Gibson was forced to use the procedure of artificial insemination using donor embryo, as for health reasons cannot have their own children.

After seven years of childless marriage, the couple appealed to the national center for donation of embryos. Upon completion of medical training for Tina was selected as suitable in all respects an embryo and after nine months of pregnancy she gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl weighing 3 kg and 51 cm, which he named Emma.

According to the Director of the laboratory of Carol Sommerfeld, this is really a unique case, today is a world record. The previous most “adult” successfully transplanted the embryo was 12 years old (the procedure was performed in new York, USA).

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