In Toronto declared war on rats (PHOTO)

В Торонто объявили войну крысам (ФОТО)

The city Council of Toronto has voted to members of the city administration has developed a plan for dealing with rats, as they increasingly see on the surface – especially in the area of Bloordale.

“It’s time to call the pied Piper of Hamelin, said Lisa Lukashevsky, owner of the Nut House on Bloor Street West near Dufferin Street and Chairman of the local organization Business Improvement Area. We saw in bright daylight a huge rat crossing Bloor Street. We see huge holes of their burrows, through which they enter and leave. We feel that they capture the city”.

Such treatment forced the local counselor Ana, Baila representing district 17, Davenport, to come up with a proposal to hold city wide test for possible contamination by rodents.

“We have heard from different parts of the city, from residents and business owners that they feel the population of rats has increased significantly, explained Bailao. And we want to know whether this is so, therefore we need staff to search for information. And we need a plan so city officials could take over this problem and to help homeowners to cope with the situation.”

The city Council of Toronto voted with a score of 39-2 in favor of the petition Bailao. Now the city Manager, the chief sanitary doctor of Toronto and employees of the Municipal Department of licensing and standardization needs to develop a plan for dealing with rats next year. Various agencies and departments of the city will also have to consider this plan in capital works projects.

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