In troubled waters : Jason Statham talks about a movie that has changed a lot, and too much family depending on him






Jason Statham evokes a scenario that has many, many changed to murky waters.

All had (almost) so well begun. Purchased in 1996, the rights adaptation of the book of Steve Alten took life in 2005, when the New Line launched a film with Jan de Bont (Speed, Lara Croft : Tomb Raider – The Cradle of life) to the film, and Guillermo del Toro as producer. But New Line Cinema eventually just stop, especially for budget problems. In 2015, The Meg has surfaced, this time at Warner. Eli Roth is first interested, but Jon Turteltaub (Benjamin Gates and the treasure of the knights Templar) won the position. With Jason Statham in the leading role.

For months, the film excites the part of the public lack any shark film, 47 Meters Down to survival Instinct, between two revisionnages of blue Fear. Waters throws a big promo, funny and dramatic, which announces a show pleasing and assumed. Then, a first doubt : Jon Turteltaub said that the film will not be Rated R, and that many images and scenes of gore were cut down.


Jurassic World vs The Meg : the cross-over


Moreover, the film which cost between 130 and 150 million, does not seem to panic the american public, with a start at around 20-22 million. Rest happily in China where the blockbuster will be entitled to an amazing output, in real co-production. Much rests on this territory.

And as if that wasn’t enough to calm the doubts of some, Jason Statham recalls in an interview how thee movie has been transformed, to the point of being very far from the one for which he had signed.



Interviewed by Collider, the actor prepares to shoot a Fast & Furious on Hobbs & Shaw has not hidden that the film has “a lot” changed.

“The scenario is totally different. There were so many… sometimes, we just said, ‘How is it that this happened ? How we went from this to this then to it ?’. We can’t track everything. I imagine that if you could control things so that they remain in some sense, we would do it, but that is not the case. They have a movie to make. There are so many people that decide how the scene remains. How the characters… in The end, they want to add something at the beginning. All the beginning with the rescue at sea ? It wasn’t in the script when I read it. It was all new, be it good or bad.”


Statham and director Jon Turteltaub


When Collider points the finger at the utility dramatic scene for his character, Jason Statham continues and clearly evokes another intro that would have had the same role :

Yes, but there was other stuff at the beginning which were… Good, I’m just saying that it was radically different. I imagine that in a certain way, your imagination and your own perception of what is happening, are your worst enemy. (…). The vision of Jon of it, this film is a summer fun. Full of sense of humor. It is a little more accentuated in this direction that is not mine, because I prefer the stuff gore adults. Perhaps I would have made a film that was not made for everyone. I’m not a director. I’m as big an actor who interprets a role. I’m going, but I’ve learned not to get too attached to my own idea of what that something might be”.


In the distance : The Meg version gore


If Jon Turteltaub remains a good soldier who says that his film is not Rated R (no one under 17 years of age not accompanied, the USA) will affect most of the world, he had also shared his disappointment at Bloody Disgusting :

“I am so disappointed that the film is not gory or disgusting. My wife is happy and I’m glad that my kids can see the film. But the number of dead really horrible, disgusting and bloody as it had been planned, but not been able to do, is tragic. There was really excellent stuff that have not survived the final cut”.

He talked about a scene that we will probably never, since a version unrated on DVD and Blu-ray is almost impossible for him :

“I don’t want too spoil anything but there was a death in the film, one of the main characters, where it is believed that he was still alive, and then you realize that it was just his head. And the moment of revelation where we see that this is all that remains was awesome, but needless to say, a few people have told us that it was creepy and we had to cut it”.

Rendez-vous on the 22nd of August in French cinemas to see if In troubled waters , also with Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Cliff Curtis, Ruby Rose, Jessica McNamee and Masi Oka, rest well pleased promised.


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