In Ukraine, a new profession

В Украине появилась новая профессия

In Ukraine introduced a new profession called “transplant coordinator”, the press service of the Ministry of health (MOH) of Ukraine.

The transplant coordinator will check and get consent for donation in a timely manner and regularly update the information in the Unified state system of transplantation (AHST), to establish, to organize prompt and safe transportation of organs.

According to the law on transplantation, the transplant coordinator must have a University degree not below second (master’s) level in health, social work, or social and behavioral Sciences.

It is reported that the first group of future transplant coordinators are already studying in Zaporozhye medical Academy of postgraduate education. The training course will last 156 hours of study, of which 106 hours – practice. The duration of the course one month training completely free. In a group of up to 12 people. At the core of the course – the practice of transplantation of the EU (in particular Spain) and the United States.