In Ukraine against dangerous diseases vaccinated less than half of children — UNICEF

В Украине против опасных болезней привиты меньше половины детей, — UNICEF

In Ukraine, returned to long-forgotten diseases. It is reported by the representative office of UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine in Facebook.

“Low vaccine coverage have led to the fact that in Ukraine, returned to long-forgotten diseases such as diphtheria. Nine cases of the disease have already registered this year. By the beginning of October 2018, less than half (46%) of Ukrainian children aged 18 months protected against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus — they received all doses of DTP vaccination”, — stated in the message.

The organization noted that the whole cell DPT vaccine, which are in every Cabinet of vaccination in Ukraine — “efficient and safe, their quality is confirmed by the world health organization (who)”. In UNICEF urged Ukrainians to be vaccinated and to vaccinate their children.

“Be sure to vaccinate children according to the immunization schedule, and if you missed the vaccination as soon as possible overstate missed vaccinations”, — summed up in the UN.

As reported “FACTS” in Ukraine was the updated national calendar of preventive vaccination in accordance with who recommendations and international practice. Changes have already come into effect.

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