In Ukraine is not allowed another four Russian journalists

В Украину не пустили еще четырех российских журналисток

In Ukraine allowed the Russian journalist network of investigative journalists SCOOP Anastasia Drozdova. About writes “Gromadska”. In addition, also allowed the entry of three more journalists from Russia.

“We fought day. Until the very last minute. My one and a half days without sleep, just like in the movie “the Terminal”. But entry to Ukraine I still refused,” — wrote in Facebook Drozdov.

Most readers Nastya has supported it: “You are there early as its went. Give in. Hmm.”, “Nonsense, of course, though understandable. Before the elections the constant aggravation”, “There is most likely the human factor, got inadequate shift, and next decided to support the colleagues and not enter them in conflict”.

From other sources, the newspaper reported that Ukraine was also denied entry to the journalist of the edition “Old Russia” Elena Nikolaeva, Yulia Nikitina from the publication “Fontanka”, and Elena Vladykina — journalist of the Russian newspaper “My district”.

The newspaper reminds that previously failed to enter the country, the representative of the Russian TV channel “Rain” Eugene Zobnina, actor and dancer Ildar Tagirov, ballet dancer Andrei Merkuryev. In most cases, failure to follow, due to the uncertain purpose of the visit.

As previously reported “FACTS”, 30 November Ukraine has restricted the entry of Russians male, aged from 16 to 60 years. Except for entry men with Russian citizenship can be humanitarian goal, for example, funerals. This ban will be in effect at the time of martial law, until December 26.

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