In Zaporozhye collectors have buried a child because of the parent’s debt

На Запорожье коллекторы "похоронили" ребенка из-за долгов родителей

Collectors all sorts of fast loans are famous for aggressive methods of “knocking out” money from customers who are having problems with debt repayment. Their methods at times are outside any face. In a terrifying situation got a large family from the village of Voznesenka. For late payments the collectors have buried their child. On it informs RIA Melitopol.

Photo six-year-old Elina with black ribbon and information about that child brutally murdered manifolds, father became ill with brain cancer, and her mother is mired in debt, with unknown social media accounts sent out to friends and acquaintances of the couple. Family inundated with calls (both spouses were listed in the photo collage) of concerned friends. To say that the parents were shocked – to say nothing.

На Запорожье коллекторы "похоронили" ребенка из-за долгов родителей

Vadim Ivanov says: recently he needed money for treatment. Fortunately, none of what Oncology of the question. Together with his wife they took in loans in the Department of “Shvidko Groshi” in the Central market area in Melitopol funny by today’s standards the amount is 800 and 1,000 hryvnia. To repay the debt on time are unable. Here on a large pair (the couple have three daughters aged 2, 5 and 6 years) have received threats from collectors.

First I called and threatened to put me on my knees and even my grandmother, if I do not repay the debt. And now we have the whole day calling relatives, friends and acquaintances and ask whether he died our eldest daughter. The accounts from which our loved ones are sending a photo collage of wild content that you do not have any personal information and real photos. We are confident that as we “beat out” a debt – in the information distributing on behalf of the unknown Ukrainian society, there is even an open threat that “child brutally murdered the collectors.” We’re just in shock! – said Vadim.

To protect yourself and children from threats, the couple intends to go to the police.