In Zhytomyr, the offender kept an Arsenal of weapons and drugs

На Житомирщине рецидивист держал дома арсенал оружия и наркотики

A resident of the village of Tolstoy, Radomyshl district of Zhytomyr region was held in his home mini-Arsenal: two shotguns and rifles, parts, ammunition, silencers, and packages of shredded plant material.

About it reports a press-centre GU of the national police in the Zhytomyr region.

Earlier the man was already brought to responsibility for illegal use of a weapon and possession of drugs.

“Law enforcement officers found the 35-year-old resident of the district Mosin rifle during the Second world war, the barrel and stoppers to the same weapon, more than 3 dozen of cartridges for rifled and smooth-bore weapon of calibre of 7,62 mm and 16 unregistered hunting rifle, hunting knife, cans of gunpowder, a silencer, and other accessories to the weapon. In addition it turned out that the owner kept the house plastic bags with shredded plant material, pre – drugs”, – stated in the message.

As told police the man himself, he found the weapon nearby in the woods. Now law enforcement officers all found was withdrawn and directed on expert research. Under current law, the man could face imprisonment for the term from 3 till 7 years.