Incredible but true, the series Scream is not dead, and unveiled a new member of the cast






Life is certainly full of surprises and there are returns that you hoped for more. Disappeared without a trace in recent months, the series Scream is back to talk about it, with an announcement a bit surprising.

If the saga Scream has changed a lot of things at the cinema, in particular by giving the slasher to the taste of the day in the 90’s and in so doing enter into the post-modernism, we cannot say that the television series broadcast by MTV in 2015 has generated the same influence.

However, this was not too bad, with a first season who showed a lot of weaknesses for sure, but that was basically the road. And then came season 2, menu best-of inconsistencies, making the silly and embarrassing moments, that a special episode Halloween well-rotted had not been able to raise.


Ah sweetheart, it’s going to cut…


Inevitably, the future was a little difficult to Scream, even if MTV didn’t seem to want to let go of the piece since it was announced in 2017 a final season of 6 episodes. A season that would change almost everything by using new characters, a new storyline , and especially taking finally the mask of the killer in the original at the expense of Brandon James.

It was in mid-September 2017, and the dissemination should be provided in the course of the month of march, 2018. And we didn’t see it coming. Worse yet, no one has ever spoken, as if the third season never existed only in the delusions of a mad and that it was necessary to preserve the society of such a threat. Yes, we’re exaggerating a little, but it gives an idea of the lack of respect compared to the series. It is therefore with huge surprise that we learned today that MTV and the production company of Queen Latifah, Flavor Unit Entertainment, have jointly announced that the series was going to get to know a third season by revealing the identity of a new member of the cast.


Ghostface is just as surprised as we


And it is, therefore, the singer and actress Mary J. Blige, who joined the massacre, in a role kept secret for the time being. As of the date of distribution, since a simple “later in the year” remains the only indication of time at our disposal.

So here it is, the series Scream is still there, against wind and tide, and we can’t wait to learn more. Because, whatever happens, they will never do worse than the second season (except for one episode, really great).


Mary J. Blige in Mudbound

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