Infiniti will release a new electric car

Infiniti выпустит новый электрокар

Electric Roadster will get the features of concept Prototype 9.Infiniti has published the first teaser image of the new electric cars. Premiere of the car will take place at the Competition of elegance in pebble beach on August 23.

Judging from the picture, at the motor show debuts Roadster with environmentally friendly power plant. Will the prototype production version is still unknown. The company only said that the new product serves to demonstrate the development of the brand in the future.

Electric Roadster will get the features of concept Prototype 9, which was made in the style of racing cars of the 1940-ies. It is expected that the novelty, unlike its predecessor will get a futuristic design.

“Our new concept gives us an idea about where the Infiniti brand. For us, the electrification means performance. Our electric cars are powerful, effective and can bring joy when riding. The new concept is the physical representation of the future electrification,” explained design Director Karim Habib Infiniti.

Infiniti company will start mass production of vehicles with electrified powertrains in 2021. A number of design solutions for new machines will be borrowed from the Q Inspiration concept, which was presented at the auto show in Detroit.

In addition to a full electric vehicle (EV) customers will be offered and partially electrified models (e-POWER). This technology is a scheme with a gasoline engine of a small displacement, which recharges the battery pack. The company explained that this eliminates the need for an external charging source, which significantly expands the range and at the same time provides buyers the typical advantages of a full electric vehicle (EV). Read more: bil

Infiniti выпустит новый электрокар

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