Influenza: the peak of the epidemic passed in all regions

Grippe: le pic de l'épidémie franchi dans toutes les régions

The peak of the flu epidemic, which has already made more than 4,000 dead, has been taken in all of the regions of metropolitan France, according to the agency health public Health France.

“About 4.100 deaths in all ages are due to influenza, of which 86% among people aged 75 years and older,” according to the health agency in its weekly newsletter after the figures stopped at the 10 February.

“Each year, in general, the flu kills more than 10,000 people,” recalled the mid-February the minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn.

Influenza activity was in “sharp decline” last week, but the epidemic remains at the origin of a large share of the hospitalizations, according to the health agency.

The frequency of consultations of general practitioners for influenza-like illness also suffers heavily (-37%) compared to the previous week, note SpFrance.

The number of passages to the emergency room last week because of the flu, or influenza-like illness continues to decrease (6.820, a decrease of 40%).

Among the total of hospitalizations, the share for “influenza or influenza-like illness”, if it remains non-negligible, “is a clear decrease in”: 25 hospitalizations per 1,000, compared with 36 the previous week.

Since the 1st of November, 1.476 severe cases of influenza admitted to intensive care units have been reported (129 last week). Among all of these, 166 died: five children under the age of 5 years, 59 patients between the ages of 15 to 64 years and 102 patients of 65 years or more.

The flu viruses that are circulating, remain in the majority of the influenza A(H3N2).

Overseas, Guadeloupe four patients out of eleven admitted in the icu died, while in Martinique, where the indicators of influenza activity continue to increase, what are two serious cases of flu that have been reported, including one death. In Mayotte, the number of passages in the er is “increasing”.

The health care agency recalled “the importance of hygiene procedures against the virus in the winter (washing hands, etc, editor’s note) and of the use of antivirals for persons with severe and persons at risk”.