Inider, commented on the attitude of brad pitt to divorce

Инайдер прокомментировал отношение Брэда Питта к разводу

The actor does not regret about your choice.

Divorce of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt lasts for more than two years. During this time, the public learned a lot of scandalous details from the family life of star spouses, reports the with reference to Viva.

Moreover, recently, the Network appeared information about the will of the actor according to which Jolie will not get a penny. Soon after, the insider has reported new information about the relationship of stars. So, it turned out, brad had absolutely no regrets about the divorce with Angelina, because in recent years their marriage was more like hell.

“Brad doesn’t regret that he divorced her. His life was a living hell in reality and he wondered whether he knew at all the real angelina? Brad had no idea that the woman he loved could treat him so nasty,” shared an insider.

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