Insider has warned about the secret deadly weapon

Инсайдер предупредил о секретном смертоносном оружии

According to the scientist from DARPA, “the Voice of God” has already been created.

Some time ago in the “conspiracy Theory”, which was led by ex-Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, discussed the unique weapon called “the Voice of God.” Told about the unusual development Dr. Robert Gee, over which many laughed, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

The idea of the weapon is simple: at some point the enemy supposedly hears the appeal of the Lord with a request to drop the weapon. New development, if you believe the stories, used the United States during the war with Iraq. The enemy, hearing of Allah is voluntarily surrendered.

And recently, Dunka, who is also an insider DARPA, told about the laser weapons the Marines of America. New means of mass murder are not only able to convey certain messages at a distance of 3 thousand feet, but also stun, blind and even kill.

American authorities plan first using development to control the crowd (as stated in some documents). For most low-power weapons sends a voice message, on the middle – stuns or blinds (you must “flash effect”), and the most powerful – causes evaporation of the skin. Skin even does not burn, but turns into a gas. The new weapon is a real tyranny, thus the elite are trying to subjugate society.

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