Inspiring story of Luna’s “Harry Potter”: J. K. Rowling saved the actress from anorexia

Evanna Lynch

Today, 16 November, the world celebrates the international day of fight against anorexia. In this regard, we would like to recall the inspiring and encouraging story one recovery. We will focus on the familiar to all fans of Harry Potter actress, 27-year-old Evanna Lynch, who played in the Saga of the little magician the mysterious Luna Lovegood. Few people know that before the filming of “Harry Potter” (Harry Potter) the girl suffered from eating disorders and teetered between life and death. It is noteworthy that to overcome the disease and become a real star of Evanna at the time, helped author a series of novels about Harry Potter Joanne Rowling. Now Lynch calls the writer not only as your Savior.

Onset of the disease

According to statistics, the average age of girls suffering from anorexia, ranges from 14 to 18 years. However, Evanna Lynch had to deal with this dangerous disease at a much younger age. According to most girls, the first signs of anorexia began to manifest itself she’s only 11 years old.

The journalists ‘ questions about what exactly led a star of the “Harry Potter” to such a serious eating disorder, she usually responds: “a Sense of fear, of uselessness and self-doubt”.

I think that each of us at that age think that he’s not good enough and that he will never love. Usually people find ways to solve these psychological problems: start to exercise, love yourself. I decided to help myself in another way. I wanted to be thin and proud of my willpower

— told Lynch about the beginning of his illness in an interview.

Evanna Lynch in 2007

Thus, in 11 years Evanna sat on a rigid diet, which, in her own words came to her like a drug. Soon the girl felt that the disease occupies all her thoughts and literally sucks the energy.

You stop seeing friends because all you can think of is exercise and endless calorie counting. At some point, even the closest people turn away from you because they think that you’re a waste of time and only ruin your health

recalls the star of “Harry Potter”.

Evanna Lynch in 2007

The girl says that at some point so carried away with the diet that starting to consider your lifestyle quite normal and safe. Manna recognizes that stuck at one point and not even tried to fight it off. She, on the contrary, even liked to draw attention to himself, defiantly, refusing food.

The struggle for life

Fortunately, parents Many raised the alarm in time and took her to the doctors. However, Lynch claims that it was not the doctor really did save her from the terrible consequences of eating disorders, and… herself, J. K. Rowling.

The fact that during medical treatment (and it is, by the way, lasted for two years) Manna with interest read books about Harry Potter was his true fan — the magical world in which he loaded the page works, helping the girl to escape from reality and to forget for a while that she is in the hospital. Then Lynch and started a conversation with the author of the popular books about the little wizard.

I wrote her a letter in which he honestly spoke about experiencing an eating disorder, and her book is the only thing that distracts me. I sincerely thanked her for it,

says Evanna.

JK Rowling

The girl suggests that this letter was read by one of the assistants Joan, which this story touched the very depths of the soul. After the message, Lynch fell into the hands of the most Rowling (writer, by the way, regularly communicates personally with the fans), she also could not remain indifferent.

She wrote me a response letter from the hand. So we became real pals

— says the girl.

Of course, Joan was not the only person who helped Manne to return to normal life. Beside her were always relatives and friends, surrounded her with love and care.

I really think that the clinic and the doctors helped to recover physically. Psychologically I had some help from friends and family. They thought I was sick and treated me as a normal person. Relatives could not make me eat for hours, didn’t weigh food or count calories. They just believed in me, and it saved me,

says Evanna.

Shooting in the “Harry Potter”

The ensuing correspondence with J. K. Rowling helped Lynch to recover, and determined her fate. The fact that in the process of communicating Joan and Ewanna often discussed the mysterious character of the books, Luna Lovegood, at the moment the girl mentioned that she wants to play her in the movies about the young wizard. Who would have thought that the dream could quickly become reality?

Evanna Lynch in the television Saga about Harry Potter

Evanna Lynch and Daniel Radcliffe in one of the films about Harry Potter

When Lynch was 14 and she has finally coped with anorexia, Rowling invited her to an audition just for the role of Luna’s. The girl was able to undergo a rigorous audition and around 15 thousand competitors. Since Evanna became a full-fledged part of the team, relieving the Saga of Harry Potter, and a real star.

At the same time Evanna admits that the offer to appear in films was not a huge surprise for her. The fact that she somehow always was sure to be involved in this project, is belief in oneself and a little luck helped you to realize what you want in life!

Evanna Lynch (far left) with colleagues at the “Harry Potter

Life after “Potter”

Now Evanna Lynch continues from time to time to act in films. In 2018 she also began to participate in the project “dancing with the stars”, which is making great strides. Despite the fact that the actress has finally recovered, she notes that sometimes the disease still makes itself felt.

I have days when I just sit and think about what happened. When you heal from eating disorders, in your head still continues to periodically float the devil’s voice that calls to remember the past is a task which I have to solve again and again

— says Lynch.

Now Avana carefully watches his diet, is a vegetarian diet and with the growth of 158 centimeters and weighs about 52 pounds.

Evanna Lynch with his partner on “Dancing with the stars”

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