Instant coffee recognized harmful

Растворимый кофе признали вредным для здоровья

In such coffee are not the best quality of grain.

Most people in the world prefer to Wake up in the morning with a fragrant drink, but it is reasonable to approach the quality of this product, according to the with reference to the news of Yu.

Doctors recommend to buy coffee beans, not instant, since the latter causes significant harm to the human body.

The seeds that make this drink, grow on chocolate trees. They absorb the components contained in the soil. At harvest in the case of coffee beans are choosing only the best fruit, and soluble in fall the seeds are not of the highest quality.

In the end, manufacturers add powdered drink flavorings, dyes and other hazardous substances, in order to make it tastier. It’s bad for the health of buyers.

Instant coffee contributes to the development of diseases of the stomach, causing allergies and even pulmonary edema. Doctors advise not to abuse the drink. Regardless of the type of coffee you can’t drink it ten times a day, as do some fans.

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