Instead of vanilla: American accidentally fed the children drugs

Вместо ванили: американка случайно накормила детей наркотиками

The woman and her daughters were in the hospital. A resident of the U.S. city of Kansas city, Kansas, by mistake fed daughters PCP (PCP, a dissociative agent) instead of vanilla, reports the with reference for Today.

The woman claims that was prepared for Breakfast of sweet French toast and added the contents of the bottle made of dark glass, which she thought was vanilla extract. In fact, there was PCP. After Breakfast she and her three daughters, one of whom was 16 and the other two less than a year, was in the hospital.

According to doctors, the condition of the victims is stable. Head of center of toxicology, University of Kansas Sawyer Tama (Tama Sawyer) said that this is the first known case when the PCP was used by children up to one year. Police launched an investigation and tries to establish whether children have received the drug by accident. A woman suspects that PCP left a relative of a former boyfriend who lived in her home.

In the use of PCP causes hallucinations and euphoria, also a possible suicidal impulses and aggressive behavior. Causes physiological addiction.

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