International experts were shocked by the scale of illegal logging in the Carpathians

Международныx экспертов шокировали масштабы нелегальной вырубки лесов Карпат

The world wildlife Fund has estimated the scale of illegal logging in the Ukrainian Carpathians. According to the IMF, the situation is much worse than previously thought. The real volumes of illegal logging were much higher than those data that appeared in reports of the controlling bodies.

On the basis of data from 149 forest sites and analyzed the dynamics for 18 months, come to the conclusion that every year in the Ukrainian Carpathians illegal cut down of 1.4 million cubic meters of forest, while the official wood harvesting amount to 4 million cubic meters“, — is spoken in the world wildlife Fund.

Reports Goslesagentstvo the problem of illegal logging is recognized, but it is believed that the rate of harvesting of timber does not exceed 50 thousand cubic meters.

We will remind, one of the WWF project in Ukraine called “Forest guardian” and aimed at preserving the unique forests in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Activists of the project regularly monitor the situation in forests and estimate that each hectare of forest has 2.2 cubic meters of illegal wood. Total sample was 1600 hectares of forest.

Despite the strengthening of responsibility for illegal forest felling, regulatory authorities continue to commit such offences.

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