Interstellar space is even more strange than expected

Межзвездное пространство еще более странное, чем ожидалось

The day before the anniversary of the release of Voyager 2 beyond the Solar system, scientists first showed that “saw” the device, crossing the line and going into deep space.

Data from the probe is received in that time, give people a new understanding of some of the biggest mysteries of interstellar space. Voyager 2 directly tested electrically charged smoke, or plasma, that fills in as interstellar space and the most distant outskirts of the Solar system.

Chief specialist of the project, ed stone (Ed Stone), a physicist from the California Institute of technology, said that the device sent an unexpected outcome of the tests, leaving more questions than answers.

Voyager 2 – one of the probes of the twin sent into the outer space, back in the late 70-ies. It vysokooktanovye robots, equipped with scientific instruments to study the outer planets and space beyond our system, as well as private power plants, rocket engines, computers, telecommunication systems and management