Interview with Putin ridiculed in the new cartoon

Интервью Путина высмеяли в новой карикатуре

New work of Sergey Elkina. The President of the aggressor state of Russia Vladimir Putin on the eve of his yesterday’s visit to Vienna gave an interview to Austrian TV channel ORF. The host asked the master of the Kremlin a number of uncomfortable questions, particularly about the occupation of Crimea, the crash of flight MH17, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, reports the with reference to

A staff cartoonist of the German news Agency Deutsche Welle Sergei Elkin decided to make a joke about what could be the consequences for Austrian journalist for such a sharp interview.

Интервью Путина высмеяли в новой карикатуре

In an interview with ORF Putin, in particular, stated that the refusal of Ukraine’s possible accession to NATO will not stop Russian aggression against the country, as the Kremlin is the desire of Kiev to Euro-Atlantic integration is considered “one of the problems, but not the only one”. The occupation of Crimea by Russian troops without insignia and carrying out a fake “referendum” on accession of the Peninsula to Russia, the master of the Kremlin has called the manifestations of democracy, adding that “there are no such conditions and can not be” to the Crimea returned to Ukraine.

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