Into the Dark : trailer for the new horror series from the studio of Paranormal Activity






Blumhouse Productions comes up with a new series thrillers : Into the Dark.

If the company Blumhouse Productions is known and appreciated for its horror films to a formula, of Paranormal Activity at the American Nightmare through Insidious and Happy Birthdead, it has widely extended its scope of action to reign. While Halloween version 2018 and Glass on January 16, 2019 will certainly assert his power, the production box moved seriously into the landscape of television.

The River and Ascent had not really marked the spirits, but Ghoul on Netflix, The Purge version series and even Sharp Objects with Amy Adams testify ambitions clear. And Into the Dark, the next series of made in Blumhouse, could be the new evidence.



Into the Dark is an anthology on the concept of fun : each month, one episode will be based on a feast day or holiday to tell a little story horror. Halloween of course, but also Christmas, Thanksgiving, new year’s eve, the 1st of April, the St Valentine’s day, father’s day, the 4th of July and many other holidays are more or less known will thus give rise to small games of massacre.

It’s Impossible not to think of the Tales from the crypt (including the episode on the father Christmas Robert Zemeckis), The ABCs of Death, or Holidays, film in sketches based on the same idea. Into the Dark could, therefore, be the small pleasure regressive, especially if the series manages to work as well on dark humor than horror pure.


Tom Bateman and Rebecca Rittenhouse, the first faces of the series


The first episode, The Body, with Tom Bateman and Rebecca Rittenhouse, will follow a hitman who has to carry a corpse the night of Halloween, but its complicated task when everyone is ecstatic about what they believe to be a costume very successful.

The second, Flesh and Blood directed by Patrick Lussier (Hell Driver, Murder in the Valentine’s day), revolves around a teenager agoraphobic, cloistered in her home since the murder of his mother, and begins to suspect his father of being an enemy on the evening of Thanksgiving.

Into the Dark will be broadcast on Hulu as of 5 October. Dermot Mulroney, Ray Santiago (Pablo d’Ash vs the Evil Dead) and Sasha Grey are in particular expected in the first season.


The first episode, The Body

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