Invaders in the Donbas hide all their dead

Оккупанты на Донбассе скрывают всех своих погибших

Militants blatantly lie about the number of eliminated invaders in the Donbas, threatening their families.

It is reported by APU officer Anatoly Stefan “Stirlitz” in Facebook.

“In the reports of almanacco (a representative of the so-called “people’s militia LNR” Andrey Marochko – approx. ed.) and bassorin (the so-called “Deputy commander of the operational command” Eduard Basurin, approx. ed.) of losses among the Russian occupying troops there, and in the community of the hawthorn news as many as 13 invaders. Here nezadachka out of the speakers, the loss of the last time hiding, so that even a subscription to have families take an NDA, otherwise bauletti for joining “team 200″ the family does not pay,” he writes.

Оккупанты на Донбассе скрывают всех своих погибших