Iran threatens to resume uranium enrichment

Иран грозит вернуться к обогащению урана

The nuclear deal is in jeopardy.

The European Union and the other signatories to the General comprehensive plan of action (SVPD) must offset the effects of U.S. sanctions, otherwise Iran could return to uranium enrichment.

This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran Mohammad Zarif, says the with reference to

“The Europeans and other signatories must act to offset the effects of U.S. sanctions”, – he said.

Zarif stressed that if the nuclear deal is jeopardized by the actions of the Americans and the passivity of the Europeans, Iran could return to uranium enrichment and to break or limit the use of nuclear agreement.

8 may trump announced the termination of the nuclear agreement with Iran and resume sanctions against Tehran. Iranian authorities have called an illegal decision trump and expressed readiness to resume nuclear work if the negotiations with the European countries fail.

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