Ireland Baldwin spoke about the fight against anorexia: “blame — baiting in the network”

Among the celebrities who have admitted to having suffered from anorexia, was joined by 22-year-old model Ireland Baldwin. Yesterday in my Instagram, the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger shared his story of struggle with this disease. She has published some pictures and told about the eating disorder, which ran a few years ago.

After I ate, I ran to the bathroom to take the pills for digestion, but sometimes I just run up and bring themselves to exhaustion,

she confessed.

Ireland Baldwin

According to Baldwin, an eating disorder she had because of the criticism in social networks, which it faced.

Whenever someone told me that I was too tall or thick for my work, I spend hours running on a treadmill

— remembered model.

It took me a long time to love myself. All the pain I caused wasn’t worth it. Love yourself! You are beautiful! Enjoy the food,

— she concluded.

Now Ireland is living in harmony with each other. She is making progress in the modeling career, does not hesitate to pose Nude, enjoys life and can easily afford treats.

Train and eat healthy food, to take care of your mind and body. Find your healthy balance! Life is too short

— calls on Ireland.


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