Iris Mittenaere: still critiqued on her physical appearance, the ex-Miss react (photos)

Iris Mittenaere: encore critiquée sur son physique, l'ex-Miss réagit (photos)

Iris Mittenaere cut the hair. Nothing very special. But it has earned him some rude comments of some users on Instagram when she showed the result in the photo Tuesday, march 12. The ex-Miss replied, as a few days ago when it was accused of having had plastic surgery.

Decidedly, Miss do not cease to wipe the criticism on their physical appearance in recent weeks. After Camille Cerf who has been treated “big” by a user, it is the turn of her friend Iris Mittenaere of having to climb up to the battlements to respond to his “haters” on Instagram.

The ex-Miss Universe has cut her hair. Nothing too crazy, but she wanted to share this little change with his fans on the social networks.

A customer then threw in the comment: “What is the idea of having cut off the hair to make it like everyone else. It is really no one”.




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This comment scathing has not rained Iris Mittenaere who had to justify himself on this choice capillary.

“Just because I want. It’s been 13 years that I have not really cut! It’s been so long that I wanted to change the head. And I cracked up”, she answered kindly.

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March began badly side criticism and disparaging remarks for the young woman, accused of having resorted to plastic surgery to rebuild the breast after a photo in a bathing suit, showcasing her breasts.


Iris Mittenaere: encore critiquée sur son physique, l'ex-Miss réagit (photos)

“Small natural breasts, it was also Iris. Even to become Miss Universe. (…) The implants are not without danger. I say this to the young girls who complexent for nothing and are ready to spin their money to surgeons without scruples”, commented one internet user.

And Iris Mittenaere has thus responded: “I think that you have never seen the effect of water on a body. For my part I have never done plastic surgery, and I have always advocated the natural”.

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