Israel declared a month of anonymous surrender of the army things and secret documents

В Израиле объявили месячник анонимной сдачи армейских вещей и секретных документов

The government encourages the return of all things previously owned by the army.

In the IDF has expanded the campaign for the return of military equipment – and now you can return the secret documents that was left the Israelis after the service, reports the with reference to

Now former members can return the secret documents accidentally left them after military service, and not to punishment. The IDF campaign for the return of military equipment from the civilians will be expanded, and the first time it will include the return of secret military documents of the recent past, and may be related to the history of Israeli wars and military operations.

The IDF intends to collect from the citizens maps, battle diagrams, diaries, transactions, personal combat logs, operational plans and other materials that remained in their homes for many years.

The campaign, which will be held from 17 June to 13 July, will also meet various military ammunition, weapons and ammunition, uniforms and shoes, and even military vehicles, write News.

See also: the Official Israeli defense Ministry is suspected of large hidename announced that it will maintain records of the equipment passed, the return will be anonymous. Similarly, in those cases, when things will return to relatives or friends. In the army explain that no sanctions will be applied against those, who returns to the campaign any military equipment, including weapons.

During the previous campaign, two years ago, the army was returned thousands of objects, including about 500 weapons, including machine guns and sniper rifles, and 250 night vision devices. Just returned equipment for 13 million NIS.

Due to concerns of the citizens to return the equipment at police stations or military bases, the army decided to open additional collection points in supermarkets, shopping malls, railway stations and other places.

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