Israel: fist of words between candidates jew and arab before the elections

Israël: pugilat verbal entre candidats juif et arabe avant les élections

The walls of the israeli supreme Court have reverberated Thursday invective between a candidate of the extreme right and the arab list, on the occasion of a hearing on their eligibility for the parliamentary elections of 9 April.

The supreme Court sat in Jerusalem to decide during the two hearings, the first of the eligibility of the candidates of the extreme-right party a Force to be jewish, then the arab list Raam-Balad.

Between the two sessions, a heated altercation erupted between Itamar Ben Gvir (Force jewish) and Ata Abu Medeghem (Raam-Balad) in front of the many cameras present.

“Terrorist, your place is not here,” said Itamar Ben Gvir.

“You’re a scumbag racist”, replied Ata Abu Medeghem, nose-to-nose with his challenger, to the point of believing in a physical confrontation is imminent.

The supreme Court is called upon to rule on actions brought after two controversial decisions taken last week by the electoral commission ruling on the validity of the nominations.

The commission, a body consisting of a judge and representatives of the political parties in proportion to their number of seats in the outgoing parliament (with a majority of right), had validated the candidacy of Michael Ben Ari, a leader of Strength to be jewish, widely regarded as a racist organization.

It had also approved the nomination of another figure of this party, Itamar Ben Gvir.

The commission had disqualified the arab alliance Raam-Balad, that the right accuses of supporting terrorism.

The Court should decide in a few days.

“We are for the deprivation of citizenship against those who betray the State, and to the death against terrorists, how is this racist ? “asked Itamar Ben Gvir to the court.

“They violate Human rights, incite hatred and violence and support terrorist acts (…) They don’t have their place in the democratic game,” objected Guilad Kariv, counsel for the parties have referred the Court to disqualify the candidates of the extreme right.

The two candidates to Force jewish concur on the list of two nationalist parties, religious. It is the Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has pushed the two parties to accept MM. Ben Ari and Ben-Gvir on their list, in order to consolidate the power of the right and be able to form a coalition government after the elections.

This maneuver is likely to enter at least an extremist right-wing in Parliament has aroused the reprobation in Israel and abroad, and on the part of the rabbis and of powerful jewish organizations.