Israel strikes Gaza after rocket fire, in a time sensitive

Israël frappe Gaza après des tirs de roquettes, à un moment sensible

The israeli army carried out early Friday military strikes against the positions of the islamist movements Hamas and islamic Jihad in the Gaza strip, in retaliation to the firing of rockets into Israel from the palestinian enclave, a-t-on learned from security sources.

These hostilities are the last event in date of the ongoing tensions between Israel and the palestinian armed groups, which were close to a new conflict in 2018, after three wars since 2008.

They are involved in a sensitive period, where the cease-fire observed by both sides remains fragile, and where Israel is in full election campaign.

“The israeli army is currently taking to target sites, terrorists in the Gaza strip,” said israeli army, without any more initial accuracy, in a message published on the social networks.

Several positions of the armed wings of Hamas, which runs the Gaza strip, and islamic Jihad, its ally, have been affected through the territory, told AFP a source in the environments which are safe for gazans. She counted thirty strokes in all on different sites.

They have caused damage significant, but no deaths or wounded had been reported, she said.

Two rockets had been launched earlier in the evening from Gaza towards the area of Tel-Aviv, economic and cultural capital of Israel. No damage or injured was reported.

The Hamas and the Jihad had denied being at the origin of these shots, suggesting that they were from rival groups.

However, Israel said constantly hold Hamas responsible for what happens in the territory under its control.

A rocket has been fired after the beginning of the israeli strikes, but it has fizzled out and seems to be settled in the Gaza strip, said the army of the State of israel.

The two rockets of the evening had triggered the sirens in the communities israeli. One of the rockets “is apparently dropped into the sea, the other crashed somewhere, but not in Tel-Aviv”, said on public television the mayor of this coastal town, Ron Huldai.

Israel responds systematically to such shots. It had struck almost on a daily basis of the positions of Hamas in the previous days in response to the sending of rockets or balloons filled with explosive devices summary.

Birthday – delicate –

But the fact that Tel Aviv, dozens of kilometers from Gaza, could be threatened gives to Israel a particular acuity to these acts.

In addition, Israel is in the midst of an election campaign, where three weeks of the due date of 9 April, Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his main competitors are strong in their statements of service to be safe.

Mr. Netanyahu has quickly met the security officials on Thursday evening.

“The time has come to come to end Hamas once and for all,” said one of the competitors of Mr. Netanyahu, Education minister Naftali Bennett. He has demanded a detailed plan on the part of Mr. Netanyahu to that end.

The government leader reiterated that he will not hesitate to have a major operation if necessary. However, to prefer to try to dissipate the tensions rather than to engage in operations to the fallout an uncertain electoral period.

A delegation of egyptian officials, ombudsmen in historic Gaza, was in the enclave, in the hours before the shooting to try to calm tensions.

Israel, Hamas and its allies are observing a cease-fire constantly questioned since the war of 2014. They were close to a new conflict in 2018, up to an informal arrangement entered into in November.

Tensions remain vivid, however. The economic situation in the Gaza strip, tried by poverty, shortages and unemployment, and subject to the israeli blockade, continues to be of concern. The Hamas security forces dispersed on Thursday evening gatherings for the improvement of conditions of life, repressing a rare manifestation of social discontent.

Gaza remains the theatre of an engagement that sees all of the weeks of thousands of Palestinians protest against the blockade along the israeli border. The enclave, will face an appointment delicate, the first anniversary of this movement, on march 30.

Since march 2018, more than 250 People have been killed by israeli fire, the vast majority during the protests, often accompanied by violence along the border, others in the israeli strikes in retaliation for hostile acts emanating from the enclave.

Two israeli soldiers have been killed since this date.

The israeli army says not to do that to defend its borders and its territory. It accuses Hamas of orchestrating the protest.