It attaches 53 kg of concrete to his wife and throws it to the water

Il attache 53 kg de béton à sa femme et la jette à l'eau

Rodolfo Rudy Arellano appears to be from Wednesday before a Court in Fort Worth for the murder of his wife, Elizabeth Pule Arellano.

The events took place on April 15, 2016, Texas, United States.

After an evening spent partying with colleagues, this a medical assistant of 28 years, returned home to her parents to spend the night there.

But early in the morning, the mother of Elizabeth was surprised not to see his daughter. Yet his car was parked in front of the house, with her cell phone and her purse in the passenger compartment.

A few moments later the fishermen saw something fall from a bridge over the lake Worth area and have heard screams.

Divers deployed to the scene were quickly reassembled the corpse of the young woman. She had a rope around his neck weighed down with 53 kg of concrete

Initially, the accused stated that he was at home the night of the tragedy. But video surveillance and geo-location of his mobile phone showed he was lying.

The investigators also discovered that he had recently demolished a wooden fence for a friend. This barrier had studs embedded in concrete slabs similar to those which were used to weigh down the body of Elizabeth.

By pleading guilty, the mother escapes the death penalty. He risk life in prison. He could not endure that the victim, with whom he had 4 children, filing for divorce.