It became clear, what medications will cure autism

Стало понятным, какие лекарства вылечат аутизм

Autism is considered an incurable developmental disorder.

The study showed that new drugs against autism need to work on serotonin. This chemical is in the process of transmitting signals in the brain.

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Although autism is considered an incurable developmental disorder there are various methods of therapy and pharmaceutical drugs which you can use to influence its symptoms. The study, researchers from Stanford University in California showed that the increase in the level of the chemical serotonin may be a new direction in the development of pharmacological treatments of autism. At least the results of laboratory studies using mice have been very promising.

When mice indicators of serotonin artificially increased, they were more social and more willing to engage in contact with other rodents. Isolation and social withdrawal – the classic symptoms of autism in humans. The results of the study suggest that this approach could work in humans. In addition, it becomes clear why medication category antidepressants aren’t really helping people with autism disorders. These medications can increase serotonin levels, but they do it too slow. And in the course of the experiments, scientists dramatically increased the rates of serotonin in the nucleus accumbens – a brain area that is responsible for social promotion.

It turned out that the production of serotonin in this area plays an important role in strengthening skills for social interaction. A simple hypothesis suggests that due to the serotonin social ties seem to be more valuable. Note that research on the links between serotonin and autism lasts for the first ten years.

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