It became known as respiratory illness affects mental health

Стало известно, как болезни дыхательных путей влияют на психическое здоровье

Asthma and allergies can cause acute States of mind.

Scientists tend to argue that diseases such as asthma and allergies can provoke mental disorders in a patient, according to the with reference to Aspects.

In Taiwan, the experts conducted a thorough examination of several patients who have long suffered from asthma. In addition, the experts drew attention to Allergy sufferers, because these diseases are linked.

According to the results of the work carried out, scientists began to defend the theory that all patients with the above diagnoses have tended to develop defects mental health.

People are more subjected to depression, had a depressed mood, some even were so passive in behavior, that you could think about trance.

These symptoms allowed the scientists to conclude that asthma and allergies can lead to unwanted, more profound consequences in the working of the human psyche.

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