It became known that the Ukrainian drivers will be fined for speeding

Стало известно, когда украинских водителей начнут штрафовать за превышение скорости

From 8 October on the Ukrainian roads is returned to the radar.Do they have using modern laser radars manufactured in the USA, which should not be mistaken and accurately identify the reckless driver, reports the with reference to Politico.

To and drivers and patrolmen are accustomed to innovation, the first time the speed will be controlled as a preventive measure. Penalize violators will start a little later.

It is noted that to fight the reckless cops will be in places of concentration of road accident and in the accident-prone sections of roads of international importance, as well as urban highways, where speeding is the main cause of road accidents.

The list of roads published in the police. But the deployment of the ground speed will change with the improvement of the emergency.

To control the speed of the traffic patrol police will use a modern American instrument type laser TruCam.

That’s just today in Ukraine is used only 25 such radars. These instruments have undergone compulsory verification and was approved for use. About 300 of the devices just waiting on checks to come into operation.

Unlike the notorious Russian device “Vizir”, “American” uses a laser the principle of operation, which has a high accuracy. While the “Vizir” device radar operation, in which there are consistent opportunities radar and photofixation, causing often the radar is determined by the excess of speed of one car and photographed is completely different.

But the places where you will be controlling speed on the roads should soon be equipped with appropriate traffic signs – “Photographic images of traffic violations”.

Although it is unlikely to help offenders because, for example, if a sign put on the highway Kiev – Odessa, the exact location of the radar will still be unknown.

Note that from October 16, speeders will really punish, forming administrative protocols, and making resolutions on payment of a fine.

For example, when speeding more than 20 kilometers per hour faces a penalty in the amount of 255 USD, and 50 miles per hour – 510 hryvnia.

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