It became known which countries are the least attractive for travelers

Стало известно, какие страны наименее привлекательны для путешественников

The main reason is safety.The ranking of the least popular tourist countries, headed by Bangladesh.

The study was conducted by analysts Priceonomics according to the world Bank.

So, the people of Bangladesh in 2014 amounted to 160 million inhabitants. However, only 125 thousand tourists visited the country.

The list of the least popular tourist countries:

БангладешГвинеяМолдоваИндияСьерра-ЛеонеНигерЭфиопияЧадМадагаскарМалибуркина-Fabelrestaurant-d Ivantysynova-New ГвинеяАнголаТаджикистанВенесуэланепалкениябразилияугандасоломоновы Islands

The main factor that impedes development and deters tourists – safety concerns.

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