It castrates to half her ex-husband her by hitting her with a knee

Elle castre à moitié son ex-mari en lui assénant un coup de genou

The events took place the last weekend in Kaliningrad, Russia.

A violent argument broke out between two ex-spouses about custody of the children.

According to the young woman, 27-year-old, this is his former companion yacheslav Povetyev who has assaulted first.

This last, the boxer grabbed her by the neck and attempted to remove him from their child that she had in her arms.

Rimma Gayazova gave him a blow of knees in the groin. The blow was so violent that the scrotum is broken.

The young man, now has more than one testicle and became sterile. As a teenager, Rimma was devoted to boxing.

The young woman faces up to three years in prison.